Frequency response of these speakers anyone?


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Hello, not been on here for a while I've been busy lol.

Anyway, I have a couple of pairs of bose 101 music monitor speakers I'd like to do something with, I'm thinking of mounting them on the walls in a small spare room I'd like to use as an entertainment room or something. I also plan to integrate a subwoofer with these speakers but I need to know their frequency range so I can cross them over at the correct point with the active crossover network.

If anyone knows it would be a great help thanks.


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Try crossing the 101s over @ 150Hz.

This is guidance and not based upon me impulse testing a pair! lol.

This gets rid of the 101's built in lift around 100Hz, which makes them sound too warm, but without any real low energy. They are a bit like the Ls3/5As in this respect (But no other!)


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Hello again. Just an update to the post - I now have it all set up and playing, it sounds quite amazing and not a bad result for a first attempt using an active crossover network :D. Btw, I decided to ditch the sub idea and just hook up an old 12" mains P.A speaker instead and use that for the low end. The 4x 101's are punching out the mid and high range. Cheers for the responses and in the end I crossed the low end over to the frequency over at a notch past 120 (1k2) that's what I says on the crossover dial, means nothing to me lol.

Thanks again.

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