frequencey cross over on a 2803


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posted on speakers but did'nt get the answer i was looking for......
i've currently got all speakers set to small and crossover set at 80 hz...using kefs (see sig)
i was in sevenoaks the other day bending ears and it was suggested to change things to...
speakers still small
centre 80hz
L and R 40 hz
surrounds 80 hz
...thing is how do you set individual speaker frequencys?
i've entered speaker config. and pressed enter to get up frequency..then changed the setting but it does'nt seem to work individually...just a crossover across the board if you know what i mean,going back to check just brings up the frequency i've last entered?
i'm currently got things set to LFE....would i have to set the fronts to 'large' and LFE to LFE and main for the fronts to be set differently from the rest?
....also is this a good idea? was suggested that a better performance with music might be acheived.
any help would be most appreciated.


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The 2803 doesn't have the ability to set independent crossovers for each group of speakers. As you have it, all speakers small, all bass to sub, 80hz crossover, usually works very well. Alternatively, try the Fronts to Large, Sub to LFE & MAIN and all other speakers set to Small, Crossover still at 80hz.


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cheers ...i'll have to try the large and LFE/main route....i was reading that recent thread about large and small speaker set ups.....hand bags at dawn at one stage:D

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