freq response. 39-25 vs 34-25. What's the diff?



(6 hz) What are you gaining in 6hz? The bookshelf model reaches 39 and the tower goes to 34. To my uninformed brain, this does not seem like that significant an addition purely from a paper and numbers standpoint. Help me understand, is it worth the extra $300 USD for the towers?


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The one thing to remember in the calculations is that though the standmounts are $300 less you should also add on the cost of a decent pair of stands which will make the prices much more comparable.

Whilst on the simple stats of the speakers there may be little bass difference there is much more to the story than simply what the lowest frequency the speaker can create. Typically floorstanders can create a smoother/more powerful lower frequency but this can be at the expense of a lively higher frequencies.

It is always worth going to listen to the speakers and compairing them for yourself - but remember that floorstanders typically need to have a lot of clear space arround them where as standmounts are less sensitive to this

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You also need to factor in the quality of the sound as well as the raw frequency range (which probably isn't accurate anyway)

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