French TNTSat help needed

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I have just bought a Humax TN5000HD (TNT Sat box) and hooked it up to my dish pointing towards Astra 19.2 East. After several attempts to tune it in, it worked. I could receive the usual TF1/FR2 etc. After about 10 minutes, it stopped working and showed "No, or bad signal". It came back on and off. I phoned the dealer who said it was a problem with my LNB. It was a Freesat dish connected to a Humax HDR and I had the dish realigned to 19.2. I plugged my old Freesat box in and I picked up all the free French/German/Local Spanish channels. I am at a complete loss!


I have now reconnected my Freesat Humax HDR to 19.2. I get 95% signal strength and 100% quality on the French free and pay channels. I know my box can't unscramble them but does this mean that all my connections are fine?

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It certainly seems so.:thumbsup:
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