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Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by Mattie, Sep 27, 2000.

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    It is a cool 2 disc set which is similar to the X-Files S1 box, not as thick of course. The first DVD contains the french cut of the movie which is supposed to be different than the Euro and American cut. It is indicated with a running time of 107 min. It has only a french language track. It is 16x9 but only DD 2.0.
    The second disc is the European cut of the movie. It is 16x9 and DD 5.1 in english and DD 2.0 in Spanish and Italian.
    Naturally I have compared it to the R1 DVD and LD and while I have to say it is still on FIFTH ELEMENT but it is far superior to either the R1 DVD and NTSC THX LD.
    This is the best this film has ever looked. None of these terrible compression artifacts, while the transfer of this R2 edition is a little softer than the R1 the overall look is much improved.

    The extras:

    Theatrical trailer in english

    Interview with Chr. Lambert in french with optional english subtitles. (This interview is actually in 16x9 too).

    Poster gallery

    Conceptual poster gallery

    Photo gallery

    !!The R2 does NOT contain the commentary track nor all of the stills of the R1 DVD!!

    Oh.. and the animate menus are also very nice. You can choose the onscreen language of the menus at the beginning when you insert the DVD.

    I'm very curios now how the new R1 transfer will look like?


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    Nottingham, England
    I received this disc today and the packaging is top notch and very slick. I haven't watched it yet although I had a quick look and it does look the business. Nice to see it on region 2 at last !!!. I wonder when the offical UK region 2 will be available ?, although it will probably be the same as the european version.

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