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Thanks for that, unfortunately and quite unbeleivably, it doesn't cover my mum & dad on the south coast. There's nothing on the site about improvement plans, I assume this is years away, unless anyone knows different?


I am also in an area (Mid Sussex) not covered by freeview according to the postcode searches. I even got a TV engineer to come out and test for a digital signal. No way he said, no digital signal, despite having a new ariel 2 years ago.

Anyway last week, I was able to borrow a Toshiba DTB2000 box. Connected it up and within a few mins. 26 channels!!!

The picture did sometimes break up every 3 mins or so, but put on a cheep plug in booster and now no problems and we have three boxes in the house on different TV's.

So much for the earlier information given to us!!

So if you can borrow a box, give it a try, you never know.


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I woudn't take the postcode checker on the Freeview site as gospal as there have been losts of posts from people over at digitalspy who already recieve DTT fine despite the Freeview postcode checker saying otherwise. Best thing to do is borrow a box from someone and plug it in and see for yourself.



Thanks for that guys, my dad's one of the world's best borrowers, I'm sure he can get B&W to lend him one, they used to supply the school he retired from! Sounds like it's well worth a shot.

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