Freeview using indoor set-top aerial??????



I have a couple of older farmer friends who want to get a freeview box, but they only have an indoor set-top aerial. They are still farming at 75 amazing eh!
They are set in their ways but insist that they want a freeview box, but I am a bit dubious, I managed to get them to buy a new Toshiba TV (altho it is only a 21" nicam stereo), good price at £99, they are amazed they can now get channel 5 (better picture than I can get on my Toshiba 32" surround sound with good aerial (well maybe not that good).

They want me to get a freeview box for them, but obviously I don't want to get one and waste their money.

If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.


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Why can't they get a real aerial first?


As I said they are both nearly 80 they have lived in their farmhouse over 50 years and have always had an indoor set-top aerial (and also stubborn) so they don't want the hassle of an outdoor/loft aerial (especially not at their age), but I thought I would ask the question for them


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Apparently it will sometimes work with a decent indoor aerial provided you're in a strong and high quality signal area. Try to borrow a box to find out before spending their £s. Otherwise check where you buy if you can return it if the signal is not good enough.


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My advise would be to buy a freeview box from Argos, although when you pay they tell you it isn't covered under the 14 day return policy I took my Pace Twin back after 3 weeks (and after losing my receipt) and they gave me a full cash refund:smashin: Not the first time Argos have been more than reasonable with me, I think as long as you make an excuse they will take items back and refund, just tell them that it doesn't recieve the signal as well as your last digi box and I'm sure they won't argue :thumbsup:

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