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Freeview tuning/2-way splitter problem


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Hi guys

I have recently moved into a new flat and have purchased a Samsung LED TV.Upon using this in the lounge I have moved my other Samsung LCD to the bedroom. The bedroom has an aerial point but I have tried tuning it and it only finds 2 (very fuzzy) analogue channels, nothing digital. I have checked my kitchen cabinet and there are cables in there connected to a 2-way splitter. (there is another aerial point in the second bedroom)

I'll be honest, I really have no knowledge of these sorts of things so please bear with me! Can someone explain why I'm getting no signal in the bedroom? (that TV worked fine in the lounge) And what I might be able to do to sort it?

I have Sky+ being installed on Monday also, I don't know if that wil make a difference.

Many thanks in advance for any help!!


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I'm afraid it's almost impossible to offer any substantive advice on the basis of the information provided. For example, it would be helpful to know whether your flat have its own aerial or if there's a communal system. If it's communal, does it feed a wall socket in the lounge, to which the OK TV is attached? Does the splitter in the kitchen cupbard appear to be attached to a cable which might come from the communal system (if there is one)?

You say you're having Sky+ fitted - this should make no difference to your Freeview reception, since Sky works off a satellite dish, not an aerial. However, the only constructive suggestion I can offer is that you try to get on the right side of the Sky engineer, & seek some help from him re the aerial.


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It is possible that there are two sockets in the lounge 1) from the aerial and 2) a RETURN that feeds on to the other outlets in the flat?

We're assuming the splitter in the kitchen is a passive device, but it might be an amplifier that needs power?

We do need to know more (perhaps with pics?) in order to help.


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Thanks both for the replies. Rodders, the wallplate in the lounge has TV, radio, SAT1 and RETURN sockets. Is this what you are talking about?



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This plate implies you might well have a communal aerial installation... although it could be used in a single-dwelling installation, too.

Sat1 would allow a Sky box to connect and work. The TV would then connect to the sky box RF in. A cable from sky RF1out goes to the TV in the lounge and another from sky RF2out goes to the return. This then feeds the other TV sockets in the dwelling.

For Sky+ you need two independent connections to the dish (Sat1 plus Sat2) - otherwise the connections are as stated above.

If you temporarily connect the TV to the Return socket (you will lose TV in the lounge while you do this) you should be able to check that this is the case because the TV in the bedroom will work.

If you weren't going the Sky+ route a simple splitter (or perhaps a 2-way distribution amplifier) would allow both lounge and beds to work together. Because you will have Sky the way to go is as indicated.

Sky + Install on Monday: BE CAREFUL
Have you got permission from the Landlord and/or building Freeholder (I assume your flat is leashold) to have your own dish installed? Do you need planning permission if there are already other aerials on the building (most probably).

If there is a communal aerial installation you may be able to get an extra Sky outlet from that - but most Sky installers wouldn't be able to do that as they won't have access to it.


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Rodders thank you very much for your help. I'm not having a dish fitted as it is a listed building, there are no dishes that I can see so I'm guessing its a communal system. Sky have said that I won't be able to record one channel whilst I watch another due to the lack of the SAT2 socket, but I'm ok with that. This may be a ridiculous question but I'm gona ask anyway! - Once the Sky box RF2 out is connected to the return, does that mean the sky signal is transmitted to the bedroom? ie all I will need is an infrared link-up for the remote?

You've been a really great help, thanks once again.


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