Freeview Transmission problem on Emley moor transmitter West Yorks area


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Mar 12, 2007
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I seem to be having freeview problems with my Digital Plasma TV, I was just wondering if anyone else in this area is having problems with mainly ITV 1 & Channel 4 breaking up, In settings I am seeing large errors in the signal, also some on other channels but lower reported errors?

I have re-installed the channels just to make sure that was not the problem.

Strangley a stand alone feeview box on another telly seems fine.
Strangley a stand alone feeview box on another telly seems fine.

Are they on the same aerial? I have found that the quality of signal received can vary on different freeview receivers on the same aerial. Some are just better quality than others. If they aren't try the freeview box connected to the plasma, if it breaks up then you'll know where the problem is.

It sounds like you are just about picking up a signal as it is or the signal is pretty low. I think the only thing you can do is upgrade your aerial. I was getting perfect freeview signal for years then for some reason the power from the local transmitter was reduced and I had to get a bigger aerial.

If there was a problem with the Emily Moor transmitter then I think both the freeview box and the Plasma would be affected.
No volume at all tonight in North Nottinghamshire on any TV channels! All channels unwatchable! Help, I'm being ripped off by the TV licensing people who take my money but fail to deliver what they've promised! This digital TV lark is just one hell of amoney making scam!

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