Freeview Through DVI on a HTPC better than Scart on LCD?


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I was originally thinking about purchasing an LCD screen, however i wanted to use it for displaying freeview content, as i live in portsmouth which isnt HD ready yet on telewest and i havent got the reddies for Sky.

After deciding on a sharp p50e screen because of their ability to show good analogue signals, i was then thinking about another route....

....Im also in the process of building a HTPC with a good freeview tuner. This HTPC will connect using the DVI or HDMI input on the LCD.

The crunch question is, if i was using a freeview card on a HTPC and was inputted to the LCD through a Digital input, will this dramatically improve the image quality if it was say to be used on a higher resolution screen (for example one of the samsung panels?)

If this was possible this would widen my selection of LCD panels meaning that i wouldnt be limited to just the sharp.

Any opinions or help would be appreciated greatly!

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I don't think you will get a dramatic improvement in image quality but it might be worth trying to see if you prefer it to the TVs tuner.

A lot of the channels use a low bit rate for their feeds so now matter how good your PC might be at scaling & sending a quality signal to the TV the picture won't be brilliant.

I've got a PC with freeview card hooked up to my TV for PVR duties & I don't think the picture is as good as I get with my NTL cable feed via RGB scart. I'm in Portsmouth as well so the freeview reception will be similar to yours.

My PC is connected by VGA rather than DVI/HDMI but I'm not convinced that would help much. For one thing my TV won't accept native res via it's HDMI input so I would be introducing more scaling at the TV if I used a digital connection.


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I get a much better picture on my plasma from my HTPC DVI>HDMI than I ever did with NTL RGB to Component (via converter) > Plasma.


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A nice feature of sending it through the PC is you can use ffdshow for better scaling and denoising/sharpening. Also, the signal is remaining digital the entire time, whereas with scart it's going digital>analogue>digital.
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