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FREEVIEW - The Dark Ages !


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We live in a fairly weak Freeview signal area but have upgraded out aerial and also have a masthead amp fitted.
Over the past few years Freeview signal has been relatively OK with the odd period of poor reception but usually returning at some point after a few weeks.
Then..... around about August this year we lost all ITV, Ch4 and Five channels. Occasionally we would get a few minutes of reception before disappearing again but overall there is no signal at all.
September 30th retune ! ..... a light at the end of the tunnel perhaps ? As this area is being switched over completely in March 2010 I thought this might be the retune to solve ALL signal issues that people have been having.
No such luck. It is as poor as ever. In fact, when first retuned we completely lost about 70% of all channels.
Over the next couple of weeks subsequent retunes gradually got more channels listed is our PVR and TV's but all the non BBC channels are still "no signal".
Are we resigned as a country to being plunged into the dark ages starting 2010. When the only television available will be the "good old beeb".

It seems to me to be the biggest money making con of the century. We all go out buying new TV's, PVR's, DVD's etc with the freeview facility only to find that a large percentage of us will actually just go backwards in terms of technology rather than forward. Either that or face huge bills from aerial installers for completely overhauling our aerials, cabling throughout the house and amplifiers everywhere with no guarantee of actually improving the situation.

Can anyone tell me if there is a central point where issues like this are being dealt with and how we contact them?

Sorry to rant but I am reaching the end of my patience with the Freeview con.


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If you can get the BBC channels on freeview but not ITV/CH.4/ groupings plus FIVE which is now also on Mux 2 then your aerial signal is bad. With no postcode or Wolfbane recommendation there isn't much anyone can suggest.

I also have bad reception on the Winter Hill transmitter due to a large hill in the direct line of sight. This only gives me BBC channels until I connect two amplifier boosters in the line. One where the aerial co-ax enters the ground floor area and another nearby the main TV/AV setup. This allows me good reception apart from when the weather is bad when I lose Mux2 and Mux D. To compensate for this I use another aerial directed on Moel-Y-Parc transmitter in Wales to which I have a clear line of sight and despite being 57 Kms distant it gives good reception of Mux 2 and three other Muxes in all weathers. When MyP fully switches over at the end of this month I am expecting to obtain all six muxes. When Winter Hill goes fully digital this December and power is increased by a factor of 10 I am also expecting to receive most, if not all, stations and hopefully discard the two amplifiers.

So you see - there are certain things you can do to obtain freeview reception.

UK digital TV reception predictor

Freeview - Details of the Free UK Digital TV Service

Welcome page | ukfree.tv - independent digital TV + switchover advice, since 2002


This is what my line of sight shows to the main area transmitter:

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Thanks for the info. Seems like a real headache for you aswell.
Here is what Wolfbane says if it helps any suggestions but I don't know what any of it means:
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Thanks for the info. Seems like a real headache for you aswell.
Here is what Wolfbane says if it helps any suggestions but I don't know what any of it means:

UK digital TV reception predictor

It says you are on the extreme fringe of reception.

But hope is on the horizon. In about 5 months, at the end of march / beginning of April next year at the Digital switch over, the Mendip transmitter will increase the power of it's digital transmissions tenfold so you can expect reception to improve.


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Thanks for the info. Seems like a real headache for you aswell.
Here is what Wolfbane says if it helps any suggestions but I don't know what any of it means:

UK digital TV reception predictor

Ouch not surprised you have a problem as Gavtech says you may get a signal after dso. If you don't want to wait Freesat was designed exactly for viewers in a similar problem area who can't and may never get DTT.


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I have a lot of sympathy with the sentiments in that first post.

To make it even worse, you can spend shedloads of money and then end up with the same old load of rubbish, mostly repeats of repeats.


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Thanks to everyone for the information. Esp. Royold. The links provided give some great info.

By the amount of posts in this forum, freeview seems to be a real nightmare for too many people. All the adverts about "just buy a set top box" really are a tad misleading.

It would be better that everyone had faith that the system works BEFORE switchover rather than us having to wait on a vague promise that tramission is boosted "tenfold" AT switchover.

I shall await the big day next March (for us) and just hope my hundreds of pounds of investment in new TV's and Wideband TV aerial installation are not completely wasted.

We await a baby boom just after the country goes completely over to Freeview by the sounds of things. :smashin:

What else is there to do ?

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