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Stereo Steve

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I am just about to finish my barn conversion and have istalled coax from each room to a central cupboard where I intend to put a tv splitter. I'm not allowed an aerial but my friend next door says I can put an aerial on his mast. I have a few questions if anyone knowledgble would care to help.

1) Will another aerial effect his signal in any way? I intend to put mine about a foot below his.

2) Which is the best aerial for DTT? Am I lookinng for the highest gain? I'm looking at Maplin item XQ42V but is there a better one? Edit: Just noticed this is an Antiference aerial. There are higher gain ones in the range, would they be better?

3) My transmitter is group C/D, Should I get a C/D aerial or would a W (Wideband) be better?

4) I will get a masthead amp. Should I go for the most powerful? Maplin sell 2, one 23db and one 13db. Will the most powerful have any negative effect?

5) I intent to use FT125 cable and the distance from the splitter to the amp will be about 40m, is this too long?

Thanks in advance.


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Can't you put an aerial up inside?

Stereo Steve

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No, it would never work anyway. I live in a fringe area and there is a big hill between my house and the transmitter. My friends house is some 30ft taller than mine and he gets freeview fine although he has a high gain aerial with a masthead amp. I doubt an aerial even on my roof would pick it up well.

trevor g

two aerials close to each other work fine if you have good
signal in your area be careful of high gain aerials they can
pull in lots of spurious rubbish in i know i changed to smaller
one for that reason goog luck

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