Freeview STB and projector


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Anyone wanting to hook a Freeview decoder to a projector might be interested in a Samsung model available from Scan ( ), which unusually appears to have an s-video output in adition to the usual SCARTs.


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I could be wrong, but it more likely that the stated s-video output, is refering to the type of signal that can pass through the scart. i.e rgb-svid-comp.
Would have been nice tho.


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That's true, it's not clear whether the s-video is via a seperate connection or through the SCART. If it's the latter though, it's easy enough to buy an adapter plug for the SCART which allows you to connect a conventional 'mini DIN' style s-video lead.


That's not uncommon, the mighty pace twin springs to mind as having a mini din and 2 s-vid capable scarts.... Netgem does component, but you'll need a special cable.


As long as the device can put s-video out then you can use an adapter to pull that off the Scart socket.

I've got the Maplin one on the end of a Pace DTVA, and it works really well sending that via a long s-video cable to a PJ. Look for the Maplin item code WN53H, it is currently in their sale at £6.49 instead of the normal £12.99, SALE PRICE IS UNTIL SATURDAY 24th.

It takes the form of a Scart socket and plug back-to-back, with an s-video mini-din on the side.

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