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Hi Good People

A couple of Freeview questions

1) Can you advise why I get differing results between my Ariel Signal Meter and TV signals?

Using a SLx SIGNAL METER I get 3 LEDS (fitted at the TV RF input) but when tuning the TV itself in DTV manual mode - all the signals show low (poor) – subsequently some Feeview channels are not available or breakup

2) In my loft I am presently using a PHILEX MEGABOOST 27885 AMPLIFIED ARIEL

Operating Rang: 470..862MHz
Amplified Gain: 16dB

I also have in my possesion a TRIAX UNIX 52A GROUP A – this was advised for CALDBECK transmitter ????

I have still to try this one

Can anyone advise if these ariels are OK and/or what to use for my DG1 4LP - Dumfriesshire Scotland post code ?

I am pretty ignorant when it comes to all the technical stuff - so please be patient

Thanks in anticipation



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The signal measuring system used in TV's is not very accurate so only a guide.

Use the group A with a masthead amplifier.

UK digital TV reception predictor

You might get away with loft mounting but chances are you need to have it outside


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Thanks Graham
I will assemble and use the group A aerial and see what results are obtained - pretty big aerial - not sure if it will be frowned upon if mounted outside tho
Kind Regards



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I have moved the direction of amplified Aeriel with a fair amount of success

Now able to pick up Channels 23,24,25,26,27, 28 with signal qualities ranging from 7 to 10 - so I am going to settle for this just now and see how things pan out for the next few days/weeks

Many thanks for your guidance - appreciated

My next project is to try and get my Freesat to work using the distribution amp in the loft (Antiference A240D) and the the magic eyes (but that will be another story I am sure)

Thanks again and kind regards



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