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I am looking to get a DVD/HDD recorder in the next month - either Panasonic E85 or new JVC DRMH20/30. Currently I have SKY, but also looking to get freeview so that we can watch something when the kids take control of SKY (and not keen on paying the extra sub for SKY+). My questions are:

a) can I connect (and record) from both freeview and SKY?
b) If so, would it be possible to record two channels (one from each source) at the same time?
c) Do the units all have to be switched on to enable timed recording?
d) any thoughts of pros/cons between the panny and JVC?

My TV is a Panny PD30.

Would appreciate any help - as you can tell from the questions my knowledge in this area is a little basic!


I don't own any of the equipment you mention but as no-one else has replied I don't want you to think you've not been made welcome!

a) Yes, you should have up to four inputs so that shouldn't be a problem.
b) No, that's like trying to record BBC and ITV at the same time on a video recorder!
c) I always leave mine on but I believe that if you use the program planner it will turn the box on and off at the appropriate time.
d) Buy the Panny! I believe the JVC doesn't support RGB.

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Thanks Dave.

The E85 looks to be the winner so far - I'm just keeping an eye on the other threads to see how people are getting on with it before I take the plunge. The JVC combination of features does look tempting though, despite lack of RGB.

Fred Smith

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Just got an DRME85 today, well impressed.

AV2, RGB, Freeview.
AV3, S-Video, non Sky digital receiver.
AV4, Composite video, analogue satellite receiver.

Good thing is you can set timer recording from all four AV inputs (I have a Mitsubishi VCR less than one year old that has three AV inputs but can only set for timer recording on two inputs!).

PS So that I can record two channels at once, I have my Sky digibox, RGB into my TiVo.
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