Freeview Rollout


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Does anyone know if there is a continuing rollout of freeview.
I have used the post code checker many times but no sign that it will be available in my area anytime soon.
The website does not appear to have any 'contact us' provision to ask those who may know.
My terestrial signal is from a local relay transmitter.


Hi surfwalker & welcome to the forum!

Freeview transmitions are being rolled out to (allegedly :devil: ) the whole country. As to how fast or when in your region is anybodys guess.
Unless you know for sure that you cannot receive Freeview I would advise you beg, borrow or steal a box and try it as many people have found the postcode checker to say they have no reception, but when they tried they did get at least some, if not all the channels.

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