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Hi all,

My first thread on this site. My nan has just got a new tv ( jvc lt 39c790 )
With her old tv she had a bush BTU160DTR freeview player/recorder.
I've managed to connect it all up but the picture quality is quite bad when played from the box. So is there a way I can use the box to record the freeview that is installed on the tv.... hope that makes sense! I thought about putting a usb stick in the TV but apparently you have to watch the same channel you are recording which is not what she wants. Any ideas folks?

Thankyou, mark


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Get a new recording box that connects to the TV via HDMI. That bush one is old and SCART connections wont give the best quality connections. A new recording box will be able to record HD channels too for higher quality.


That box will be recording in standard definition and will look poor compared the high definition channels the new telly can now receive. As wongataa states an upgrade to a HD recordable box (or PVR) will solve the issue.


A few people on this forum seem to rate the Manhattan T3-R, going by this thread that might be worth reading (seems relevant to your query):


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