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Hi guys

I've got a Sony IDTV, moved house recently but becasue we have Sky also I have only just got around to trying to tune it.

I've managed to get a few channels like E4+1 (no E4), Sky News, Sky Sports News and UK TV History, but I haven't got anything else - any ideas? Will a booster work to get me the rest, or am I looking at a new aerial? Don't particularly want to get on the roof, what do you think to installing it in the loft?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!



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Try a TV signal booster. I use two Maxview boosters to amplify the signal from an ordinary 18 element aerial fixed to rear wall just over bedroom window (2 storey building). Without these boosters the Freeview signal is nil apart from BBC. With them I get all the channels in good weather but "FIVE" and the other channels on this mux have problems in bad weather.
I have a wideband aerial on the chimney for
downstairs viewing but even with this have to use boosters due to length of cable run.

You are aware of the recent channel changes to Freeview I suppose :

The new channel setup is listed here :
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