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    Hi, any ideas on how I can solve the problem I'm having with the signal I'm getting to my freeview box. This is my current setup

    Two aerials mounted on a mast on the chimney 1) Antiference XG10 C/D aerial pointed to the Limavady transmitter in Northern Ireland, 2) Maxview aerial pointing a local transmitter to pick up the Republic of Ireland channels. Both go into a diplxer and then one single lead goes into a mast head amp. The lead fromt he mast head amp goes into a SLX 8 way amp whch then distributes the signals to 7 different rooms in the house.

    I have a Goodmans DB3 freeview box. I can pick up BBC1, BBC2, BBC3 and some of the other shopping channels but can't pick up channel 5, UTV (ITV1), ITV2 and ITV3.

    If I connect a simlar Maxview aerial directly to the freeview box and point it out of the window I can pick up all channels - unforunately this is not a long term option as the aerial is pretty big.

    Is it the way I have it set up (diplexer> mast head amp> distribution amp)? Is the length of the cabling causing the signal to degrade by the time it reaches the freeview box?

    I've been at this for weeks and its seriously doeing my head in :)

    Any suggestions most welcome


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