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Hello. First post here, I hope this is the right forum!

I had a freeview arial installed about a year ago, and had good reception until about a month ago.
Now we cannot recieve ITV,Ch. 4,ITV2,ITV3,More 4,E4,ITV4 or CITV.
2 freeview boxes show 0% signal for these channels, and 99/100% for all others.
Today I went to the installers, and they have a number of customers with the same problem, and don't have a solution.

I'm based in Brighton, and the arial is pointing, I guess, to
It's less than 2 miles away.

Any ideas what could cause this problem.

Cheers, Simon.


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sorry to jump in but im having similar problems. i just have a normal ariel on the roof and for the past few weeks havent been able to view the itv/ch4 or 5 channels. even when they show up on the list, i cant view them. i do occasionally get a picture for a few seconds but then it goes and i get a no signal message. i rescanned the box the other day and know they dont even show up.

i dont watch a great deal of t.v but to have that many of the main channels missing is a bit annoying. i thought it may have had something to do with the bad weather but to be honest its been like this for a while know. the downtairs box picks up all the channels and has done so since we got it, and gives a decent(for the money) stable picture.


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dont know if this helps. but i managed to get the channels working.

90% of the time i have my freeview on i have my pc on, well i re-scanned the freeview box earlier when the pc happened to be off, and it picked up itv/ch4 and ch5 channels. which i havent been able to pick up for weeks. and the channels played fine for hours. but the minute i turned my pc on in the next room the channels basically started playing up and then said no signal.

i dont know if this is whats causing the poor reception but i cant see anything else that could be causing it, although ive not heard of a pc casuing problems. you see the ariel runs through from the room with the pc in and into the room with the freeview box in. also in that room is the internet cable, they run close to each other. i guess that could have been the problem. ill check it over the next day or two and see how it goes.


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i had the exact same problem but when my computer was on the signal was better
and that was with a analogue aerial. so i upgraded to a digital aerial and all i get now is bbc 1 and the bbc radio stations. but i get a perfect pic on anlogue channels.Cant work it out.

i've spent months on trying to get freeview perfect in 3 rooms and its a pain in the arse

Chris Muriel

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There is no such thing as a "digital aerial" ; possibly you got a wideband or log periodic type. These have a wider frequency range such that they have reasonable gain over the whole of UHF bands IV and V; however, this is at the expense of less actual gain at any specific frequency.
You may need more gain (requiring a larger aerial) , a low noise masthead preamplifier or simply careful realignment of your new antenna.

Chris Muriel, Manchester


I had a freeview arial installed about a year ago, and had good reception until about a month ago.
Now we cannot recieve ITV,Ch. 4,ITV2,ITV3,More 4,E4,ITV4 or CITV.
I have identically the same problem, and it's been going on for a while now. I live in Somerset.

Any idea why there is this problem?


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I'm having similar problems except that my issues are with all the BBC channels... and judging from that list at DTG.Org it would be Multiplex 1. Itv, C4 and pretty much everything else comes through pin sharp.

It's been like this since last summer so unless they've been working on the Bluebell since then I can only assume I need a better external aerial.

Also, just done a quick search and found this...

...if the data on that is accurate it would suggest that if I was having reception problems at all then it should be Multiplex 2 and A since they have a lower power graph (I really don't know much about Freeview so that problem wasn't the correct technical phrase, I'm just going by what that page says :D ) as opposed to Mulitplex 1 which I am having problems with.

Before I get the yellow pages out and look for an local aerial fitter, can anyone recommend me what they think is the best outdoor aerial?


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I've lost all multiplex 2 channels as well since the weekend on my Tosh 26WLT66 inb the bedroom. Aeriel was installed in 2005 and the cable and signal all checked out when I bought the Tosh in September and all Freeview Channels were fine.

The annoying thing about is that BBC 1 and 2 have been poor since the fog, but weren't getting better, so I did a rescan and they are all fine now, but the retune lost me all the multiplex 2 channels, and no amount of retuning or fiddling with the signal booster box will bring them back.

Oh and I'm about 8 miles south of Crystal Palace


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I bought a Pacific Freeview box from Asda a week or so ago. I also had a new aerial fitted at the cost of £150 by a local contractor who assured me that I needed an aerial booster fitted which is just a box which is plugged in to the mains near the TV set and has an antenna in and antenna out connection. So not a masthead booster.
I am about 13km from the Sutton Coldfield transmitter and can get all the muxes except mux C.
The check on channel 52 using the boxes manual channel selector shows NO signal strength.
The aerial contractor says that it is because I live in a bungalow and that I need to have a 10 metre pole for the aerial (which just looks like my old 18 element analogue aerial to me).
Have I been, or am I about to be conned?
I must add that the analogue reception has always been rather ghosty.

Can anyone advise please?


There are some dodgy aerial installers about so be careful and make sure you know what you want.

I recently asked a local installer to install an aerial pointing towards the London region, when he had finished I paid him before checking the install (doh!) and saw that the aerial was pointing towards Anglia region. When I asked him to turn it around he refused unless I paid him extra to go back onto the roof. I will not be using him again.


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