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Freeview reception: CRT vs. LCD


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Hi there,

I have recently bought an LCD TV/DVD combi for my bedroom: Buy Alba 19 Inch HD Ready Digital LCD TV/DVD Combi at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for TV DVD combis.

Previously I had a Sagem freeview box with an old 14" CRT TV, boosted by an indoor aerial. I had been able to receive all Freeview channels with good reception but wanted to update.

However, the new LCD TV I have bought picks up very few channels and those it does have poor pixelated reception, both using its inbulit Freeview receiver and also the old Sagem box plugged into the SCART socket. If I use the old CRT again, it's all fine.

I'm considering taking theLCD TV back to Argos for a refund... is it possible that a newer LCD TV receives a signal with more interference than an old CRT? Could the inbuilt DVD player element be causing interference too? Can anyone recommend a small LCD TV that might not have such a problem?

Many thanks for any advice,



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CRT had been around for nearly a century , the technology was stable and there was a good base quality with the technology , meaning that no matter what CRT you bought , it was going to be of a good basic quality.

Flatscreens have not been around nearly as long , and the tech is not stable across all manufacturers , cheap and cheerful flatscreens , ( Alba , Hanspree , Tevion .... etc etc etc , ) do not have a good basic quality , they can be absolutely terrible , if you want a good flatscreen you must stick with the main players , who still have, and jealously protect, all the patents that make for a good flatscreen picture.
The Best Players in this new technology are Panasonic , Samsung , LG , and a handful of others , and they do not share the proprietary electronics and control software that makes for a good flatscreen TV.

For a small set of the type you want , I would go with Samsung.
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Cheers for the reply Andy... I'll take it back and exchange for a Samsung today. Is what I've described (a better picture on a CRT than a cheap LCD something you/anyone has come across before or is aware of?

Thank-you again,



Is what I've described (a better picture on a CRT than a cheap LCD something you/anyone has come across before or is aware of?

We are very much aware of it.

As andy has described crt was a very mature and highly developed technology and it remains a superior technology in a number of ways.

It cannot compete with the modern technologies in terms of screen sizes/weight and modern high resolutions.

Another downside that you should take into consideration is that the sound reproduction is truly appalling on modern small flatscreens sets [ in fact all flatscreens, but small are worse]

In recent years consumer testing of this facet has shown a tendency for Sony small screen sets to be significantly better than most [ although still relatively poor ] ... so give them some consideration too.


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Alba is an Argos own brand label along with Bush. Suggest you get a full refund and go to your nearest Richer Sounds. They are doing a Toshiba TV/DVD combo for a tenner more that has a true 16:9 screen ratio. This one is 1440x900 which suggests they used an early panel.

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