Freeview Receiver With VGA Output


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Any other, anyone? Or is that the best one out on the market?

Also, am I right in thinking that the picture outputed through VGA will be better than one passing through RGB Scart?


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I've never heard of one at all.

I don't think it would be much better, VGA is just RGB with different sync signals.


Using a PC with internal freeview card and apprpraite decoders and or hardware scaling via a good graphics card support could improve on straight RGB.


I have just bought a xoro 1500. Its a dvd player with built in freeview surround sound etc. I am hoping to do the same. I have a 19 inch LCD monitor that is surplus to requirement that I wanted to attached to a freeview box to be able to watch tele in bed as a cheaper alternative to buying a LCD tele with built in. The spec for the xoro 1500 says it has a vga output for contection to computer monitors. It should be arriving today and I shall update you as to how well it works.

And it works a treat, a little tricky to get up and working as you have to have it connected to a normal television and your monitor to set the output to VGA. Once done all's good. Beware of the "Input" button on the remote, once pressed it changes the output of the unit and you have to rave the whole thing and your monitor back to the television to set the output again ( I cut my button off)


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Have a look on eBay8 for the Gadmei TV6808E - I've only seen one review that advised that you use external speakers (expected) and a big aerial (what's new).

* you can seldom find it by searching for Gadmei or TV6808E, but they are there.

Also - check if it will handle an output to widescreen.

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