Freeview radio signal quality versus DAB radio signal quality


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I have noticed that my FREEVIEW TV allows for the access to radio stations, all BBC and a few others, I was wondering how the quality of the signal received from the Freeview system compared to that from a DAB radio with the signal coming from the radio's own DAB aerial. Is the quality the same or are there significant differences.

I was thinking of buying a DENON DM41 DAB Receiver and connecting it to the TV to improve the sound, and this would give me the opportunity to take the radio signal from Freeview or direct from the DAB aerial, would I notice the difference?

Fred Smith

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This page gives digital radio bitrates:

Freeview has generally better bitrates and more in stereo. Though DAB+ does add more stereo stations to DAB, which the DM41 does support. But some say the quality is actually worse.

I use Freeview (DTT) and satellite (DSAT) radio (via STB's and digital coax and optical cables) in preference to DAB / DAB+ at home along with FM analogue radio. But I also use Chromecast audio's (digital optical cable) for streaming which is generally better again.

As to whether you would notice the difference I would say yes, but it's your ears not mine.
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Dear Fred,

Thank you for your prompt response to my query. Sorry about the long delay in replying, I was waiting to see if anybody else responded and in addition I have been having horrendous problems with internet connection. I expect it to disappear halfway through this reply.

The document you sent is very interesting and I will enjoy testing my ears over the next few lockdown weeks.

Thank you

Pete Larkin

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