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Hello all,

I have a pioneer freeview box and receive excellent pictures from it. I have typically 70% strength with 100% quality. However about every 5 minutes the picture breaks up along with the sound and sometimes completely loses the signal for about 3 seconds and then returns to excellent quality.

I checked the signal quality and when the picture breaks up it goes from 100% down to 1% and then straight back up to 100%. Could it be some external factors such as traffic or mobile phones or atmospheric pressure making this happen?

It's really quite annoying because everything else is fine apart from this irritating glitch.

If anyone can help I would be grateful,

James :)


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Yes, almost certainly an external source of interference. Could be any of the following with poor RF suppression (or anything else similar you can think of:

Passing traffic (less probable nowadays due to electronic iginition)
Central Heating kicking in &/or out
Refridgerator (or anything else with a thermostat)

FWIW, I noticed that my Pace Twin did much the same thing, starting from about 1-2 minutes after power on and lasting for about a minute. By trial and error, discovered it was the (separate) PSU for my LCD TV which was also powered on at the same time (typically) and was positioned right behind the twin. Moved the PSU further away - problem solved.

Solution: If it isn't something immediately nearby that you can move, try upgrading the RF cable feeding the Freeview box to the slightly better type used for satellite downleads - same stuff, but with an extra layer of foil inside to improve screening.

Otherwise, identify the culprit by experimentation (eg adjust the heating thermostat to force the sysyem on & off and see if your reception glitches; listen to the fridge to see if glitches co-incide with its switching. Etc. And add a suppressor to it.

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