Freeview problem - Lost Channels.


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Hi there.

I've just managed to get a rooftop aerial connected to my TV which was working fine.

i had the majority of the freeview channels available to me but noticed that Film 4 wasn't on my channels list so I did another automatic scan and now I have lost the majority of channels.

I have

BBC1, 2, 3, 4, Dave, E4+1 and around 9 other TV channels and a few radio channels.

I've tried resetting my TV to factory defaults and rescanning for channels, but still no luck.

does anyone have any idea what's going on?

I would have put it down to not having enough signal strength, but as I said most of the channels were there to start with.


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It does sound like you have a poor signal. I've found the freeview signal can vary at different times of the day and even over a period of days to a week. This is only noticeable when you are getting a poor signal.

When you do an automatic rescan, most freeview boxes/receivers delete the current channel list and build a new one from the channels it can receive at the time. So if you tune in channels when your getting good reception and retry when your getting bad you will lose the channels on the lowest power.

I think thats the most likely explanation. Is there a signal meter somewhere in your TV menu to see what sort of a signal you are getting?


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You state "have just managed to connect to a rooftop aerial". Then either your connection has just broken again or your aerial has shifted or you have a bad co-axial aerial connection either at aerial or TV end.

I very much doubt that it will be a freeview transmission fault.

Checkout your aerial and connections.

The fact that you are receiving some channels suggests an aerial problem. Is your aerial loose? Shifting in the wind maybe. Have you a spare freeview STB to check the signal reception (and thereby eliminate the TV as the cause). Try a TV booster, if you have one. If you then get more channels it proves you have a weak aerial signal. Which then brings up a puzzling situation - why did you receive all the channels originally (that's all six multiplexes and around 86 channels).

The list of multiplexes is on this website :

See "Reception Problems" on this website :


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well i just woke up this morning and thought i'd give it another go, and got around 70 channels now

i've got back most of the ones I didn't have before,

now i'm missing stuff like UKTV History, Film 4 and Virgin 1

I'm guessing that because I have the majority of them back, it's just a case of the reception being poor when I initially retuned last nite.

it's gutting tho, those three channels are something that I'd liked to have had available to me, but now I'm reluctant to retune my tv, I'll more than likely lose the rest of my channels before I get those three.

As royold says tho I may have a bad coaxial connection as I had to cut the cable from the rooftop aerial and feed it through into another room, attaching a new coaxial connector. I'll try to reattach that later today, and do a better job of it to see if that makes any difference, thanks for taking the time to reply guys.


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The missing channels you mention UKTV History, Film 4 and Virgin 1 are all contained in multiplex D which you appear to be missing.

Try connecting a one outlet TV booster to see if this would give you the extra multiplex. The one outlet boosters have the highest gain.

Do your rescans for channels when the weather is good. Heavy rain, wind, trees tend to attenuate the freeview signals.

Just for the record I use TWO signals boosters on the Winter Hill transmitter. One where the aerial enters the ground level of the house and another close to the TV & AV equipment. This gives me all six multiplexes. Without the boosters I can only receive four multiplexes.


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Hi Royold

is something like this suitable?

I must have a weak signal because altho i have the majority of channels, tonite the majority of them won't work. I just keep getting a message saying no signal, one or two work, btu meh

must be the windy conditions.

but yeah would something like that do?


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The OneForAll shown in your link (£10 plus £2 postage) is only listed as 10db gain but it may work OK.

The ones I use are Maxview and I use two different types :

These are the ones I use:

The Silver (or white) types are available from Wilkinsons Stores although I purchased mine at B&Q. Similar ones are available from Maplin, Argos, Woolworths, Comet, Currys, Market Stalls etcetera. See if you can find one with a high gain and a LOW NOISE figure. The quality types will be more expensive than the cheap ones.

For a readup on boosters see the Satcure page :

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