freeview pQ plasma vs lcd

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by michael 38, May 4, 2007.

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    i feel i am qualifyed to comment on this after owning a toshiba 37wlt68 lcd tv for 14 days thats supposed to have the least motion blurring and best sd pq of any lcd tv,it looked great on upscaled dvd but not on freeview i tried all the varios settings but still had a freeview picture which would be in focus one second then blurred the next and i was still getting motion blur which was giving me eye strain, 4 of my friends said the picture was awfull one said it looked like peoples faces were melting i took it back to the shop were they said there was nothing wrong with it which i i had to pay to change it to another model which is a panasonic 37px70 which although not perfect is streets ahead of the lcd in terms of freeview pq and motion handling, manufactures of lcd tvs should concentrate on getting a good freeview picture as that is what the vast majoraty of people are watching instead of spending all their time getting more impressive levals of hd

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