Question Freeview play / youview with Amazon Prime?


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I'm looking for a Freeview or Youview box that has PVR, catchup TV and Amazon Prime and ideally Netflix and NowTV, which I subscribe to from time to time.

Some reviews say the BT Youview boxes have it but Amazon Q+A responses say no, though they might just pre-date it being added. The Humax retail Youview doesn't seem to have it. Freeview Play seems to be more alive than Youview and there seem to be Smart TVs with Freeview Play and Amazon Prime, but not clear if any of the boxes have it.

I can run it from an HTPC, just keen to reduce the boxes and cables as much as I can.

Anyone know of a Freeview or Youview box that ticks all my asks? Help much appreciated.


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Anyone know of a Freeview or Youview box that ticks all my asks?
I've got the Humax DTR-T2120, which is the PlusNet branded version of the DTR-T2100/2110 (AKA BT Youview box).

Though I've never used them, it comes with the Amazon, Netflix and Now TV apps preinstalled. This in addition to the normal iPlayer etc. The T2100/2110 should be the same.

Not sure exactly why the retail Humax DTR-T2000 wouldn't have them all too as it's exactly the same unit, just in a different case. That said, the Humax website only mentions Netflix/Now TV.

I haven't used a Freeview Play box myself, but after spending some 4 months with this Youview box I'm seriously contemplating switching to a FV Play unit. In general the box is completely stable and works well, excellent picture quality, etc. No real complaints there, but there're various things about the way the "dumbed down" Youview software does things that I just can't live with.


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Thank you both for the advice. I decided to go for the DTR-2110 and Youview - not a huge TV watcher so I'm sure I won't notice much difference between Freeview Play and YouView+.

I got a recon box from Amazon for £90 and happy with it - good picture and easy to use, and Amazon Prime all working. Cancelled the Virgin TV package and upgraded the broadband. We will be saving £10 a month , which is not a huge amount but there's no point in spending £10 for TV I'm not watching.

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