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I'm wanting to get sky sports and currently I have a Humax dual tuner PVR freeview box which is great and a treat to use. Now if I want the sports channels i have to subscribe to Virgin/Sky (which I accept of course) but then I have to use there PVR which I am not too sure about ... will I be disappointed? is there any other way of getting sky sports on freeview? can I use my media PC to help me in anyway?



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You could add Setanta to your current Freeview setup if that is of interest.

Can't comment on the V+ but I've had SKY+ and now SKY+HD and in terms of daily usage there is no real difference between them and my Humax 9200 Freeview PVR, each have their own plus and minus points.
Both VM and SKY push bundling so unless you take full advantage of offers then SKY Sports is a significant outlay after paying nothing:)
Given you are familiar with PCR use just price up the two platforms that offer SKY Sports and any secondary services (ISP, Telco, HD etc) and go from there.


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Thanks, i already have virgin bband/tel so i suppose i will most probably try to get a bundle out of them. If i do go that route then my next step will be to see how their pvr box will intergrate into my media pc, i.e. will i be able to control the virgin pvr thru my media pc?


Just a warning...the Virgin boxes are really slow IMO. The menus take ages to appear and populate and the V+ box has a habit of hanging for 5/10 seconds. I was unimpressed to say the least.


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"Rock and hard place" comes to mind ... i have some services with Virgin already and so i would most probably get a better deal on a sport package but if the Sky box is better then i would have to get the full bundle to get a good deal ... unsure what sky are offering for just tv (inc. sports)?

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