Freeview only when Subtitles on !?



A couple of questions please, hope some of you experts can advise;

1.The Hits, Sky News & Sky Sports News channels can only be viewed on Freeview if subtitles are switched on ! If they're not, these 3 channels disappear (grey screen) within a couple of seconds. Anyone know why this should be and if there's a fix ?

2. The cable from my 20 year old hi-gain roof aerial is split in the loft with both a splitter amp and a booster. One cable goes to the livingroom and the other to a bedroom. However, the reception on both TV's could be better, especially on Freeview, as there is quite a lot of pixelation and blocking.

Is it worth trying another booster - either as a replacement for the existing one in the loft (which must be at least 10 years old) or as an additional one at the TV end (heard boosters anywhere near the TV end don't help - true ?) Or, perhaps somewhere in-between ?

Otherwise is a new aerial the only sure solution ?


You may find that the pixalation etc could be due to interference being picked up by poorly insulated coax cable from the aerial. Try replacing the cable with double shielded coax as that should be a cheaper option if it works.
If you put a signal booster close to the TV then it will not only boost the TV signal, but also any interference that has been picked up and could therefore cause more problems rather than solving them.



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Sorry if you've already tried this; but as regards the channels disappearing when subtitles are off, you might (a) switch off and unplug the box, then reconnect (which often sorts out bugs); (b) completely retune the box with the install menu.

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