Freeview on PC. Basic questions.


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I'm looking to get Freeview on my PC. I already own a Freeview set-top box so I think the best option is to get a TV tuner card. Now, the dilemma here is which TV tuner card to buy.

At the back of my Freeview set top box (Alba STB8) I have both RF Input and Output. There's also a scart output there, along with a printer cable output (I think). So, the question is bascially, what TV tuner card to purchase.

I believe Scart gives better quality video, so is it possible to get a TV tuner card with a Scart input? If so, a card with a scart input is my preference.

As a side note, I would also like this TV card to be compatible with the AE1 digisender, I'm assuming that uses SCART anyway.

I've been looking for three days for this but just can't decide on a particular TV tuner card because, in short, I don't know what I'm looking for.

All suggestions are welcomed, thankyou.


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Right, think you might be a little confused.... Or maybe I am lol... Soon find out!

Are you intending to plug your Freeview STB into your PC, so that the PC can display the picture coming from your STB?

Or do you want a SEPERATE tuner in your PC, so it's all in the case and nothing plugged into it?

If you want the first option, then you don't need a TV TUNER card - you simply need a TV card that has a video INPUT. Typically these will only be composite (yellow RCA) video input. You won't find a PC video card with a scart socket on it, more less one with a scart input - as I think none exist (I do stand by to be corrected mind) (on a seperate note I have seen a HTPC on these forums that comes with a scart output on it, but it won't do RGB, and a scart that doesn't do RGB will only do CvBS (composite) so pointless really)

Anyway, a card like THIS will allow you to plug an STB into your PC (in either s-video or composite) which will play in a window on the desktop

However, if you want the second option, having a tuner built into your PC, then you do want a TV tuner card. This will allow you simply plug an aerial lead into the card installed in the PC (no need for an STB) and again, allow you to watch Freeview in a window on the desktop....

A card like THIS will be fine. Plug in an aerial lead and your done - the PC then becomes an STB if you like.....

Lastly - I don't know what an AE1 digisender actually is, but I am guess it's a video sender of sorts? If so, see previous points about scarts. You have to remember that unless RGB is being carried down the scart, the video content is going to be CvBS (composite) anyway, so all you'd need is one of THESE leads to convert the plugs.....


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(Sorry for the double post, was not intended. I just refreshed my original post and it posted another thread.)
Hi mate, thanks for the reply.

Yeah, I'm planning on using my Freeview STB and plugging it into my PC. The reason I've opted for this is because I may get the AE1 digisender, or any other method, which will enable me to get NTL (Virgin) on my PC.

In terms of Composite and S-video and RGB, I don't have the knowledge to understand. I have the scart to 3 RCA already I believe.

In short, I just want my PC to behave like a TV.

I think perhaps the Xcapture TV Card is what I'm looking for?

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