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Just got myself an Hitachi 22inch LCD with built-in Freeview for the bedroom. Fired it up but it did not detect a signal. Previously had a CRT with seperate digi box linked via an aerial which feeds both the lounge and bedroom and everything was perfect. In fact when I connect the digi-box to the LCD I can still obtain the Freeview channels. When I connect to the aerial in the longe which provides Freeview to the main TV then "no signal". I know there's no problem in obtaining a digital signal in my area as I can even access Freeview in my duaghters bedroom via a £3 in door aerial (tried this on my new LCD but no joy)

Is it fair to conclude that I have a faulty TV?


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Have you gone through the setup routine properly? Note that some TVs have a separate tuning/setup routine for analogue and digital - is it possible you have only done one?


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Thanks for the reply.
The TV initially prompts you to search for Digital channels, it finds none. It then automatically asks if you want to search for analogue channels. When clicking on yes it picks up the usual BBC1, BB2 etc. with no problems and pictures are great.

It must be the TV surely?


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Does your Hitachi TV have separate co-axial inputs for both digital and analogue connections? Some Sony dvd recorders have sockets for both inputs and you usually link across them with a F to M coaxial link cable if you only have the one aerial.


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No it has just the one input.

What I don't get is I can obtain freeview via a seperate freeview box plugged into TV with no problem yet using the same aerial cable plugged directly into the TV.........nothing !!!

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