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Hello all,

I have recently moved and after typing my new postcode in the postcode checker was told that there is no way I could receive freeview. However after a trip to Dixons I found the Pioneer DBR-TF100 for £90 and so decided to try it just to double check.

The box found loads of channels and after checking the signal strength all bbc channels are 35-40% signal strength but 100% good. Whilst ITV, CH4 and some of the others have the same strength but between 15-20% poor quality.

Since I live in rented accomodation there is nothing I can do about the positioning of the aerial so guess I will have to live with the signal quality of ITV etc.

I am extremely impressed by the quality of the picture through the box's RGB output. My Toshiba 28ZD26 handles them really well. The sound quality through the optical output is also very impressive, especially when watching the hits for example.

My advice to anyone uncertain whether they can get freeview is to buy a box and then if you can't get it just take it back as most shops will let you take one on approval.


James :)


Have you tried a signal booster? There are some that are compatible with digital signals.



I too have the pioneer box connnected to a panasonic plasma 42PW6 and the picture is much better than my Sky box on BBC channels but SKy news is better on my Sky box.

The pioneer has excellent on screen graphics and is very fast .The Digital text is noticably faster than on Sky on BBC channels. The fact that you can change the output on both scarts is cool and the optical out put is nice but why didnt they also put a set of analogue audio phono outputs on it?
My signal strength is 90% so mobily i would try a booster as Multiplex suggests or better still if you have an old aerial get a new aerial. My mate had a new aerial fitted when he had on digital and it made all the difference.


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