Freeview, landlords and communal aerials


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Hello all,

I have just moved into a new flat that has a communal aerial. It is highly likely that I would need a new wideband aerial to be able to receive freeview pictures (strange how the bbc ad never tells you this).

After discussions with the landlord an extra wideband aerial just for my flat is a no no. So, my question is, would there be anything stopping the replacement of the existing aerial for a wideband one? Would this affect anyone elses picture in the other flats?

If I'm lucky I may be able to coax the others to share the cost of the installation of a new aerial!

Has anyone else come across this problem with over zealous landlords who think that freeview is where you flash in the park once a week? Anyones experiences would be gratefully received (aerials not flashing ;)),

James :)


The only way to find out is to try it. But it could affect the pictures in other flats. (If you are lucky, it might even improve them - but don't count on it).

Your biggest problem will be in replacing all the crappy cable which was probably installed originally. You really need good stuff for Freeview. You might be able to overcome this problem by boosting the signal at the aerial then attenuating it at every Freeview box (or TV if no Freeview box).

However, this might result in more interference as the crappy cable acts as a transmitting aerial.

Again, there's only one way to find out.


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I had the same problem and the postcode checker said I couldn't get a signal. Buy or borrow a box, if it works for most of the channels get the aerial changed and it will improve.

BTW, get a decent box like a TRIAX or a PACE TWIN. I found these have a lot better tuners than even the PANASONIC, so the really cheap ones may be really rubbish.

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