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I am working away for a few weeks and need an indoor powered aerial for a freeview box.
Is there a recommended aerial for indoor use?
Preferably one I could pick up from town?

I looked at a couple in argos but guess they are probably poor?


One for all



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Unless you are in a very strong signal area, you've got no hope of picking anything up with an indoor aerial I'm afraid.

I'm able to get about a third of the channels if I place the set top aeriel ontop of a wardrobe and I'm in a very good reception area.


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I just thought I'd let you know that i bought a one for all aerial (not the one that you linked to, but a flat one from maplin for £20) and after finding a good position, (which turned out to be hanging on the wall in the far corner away from my electronics)I can get a near perfect signal on the cheapo freeview box in my room from it. Obviously whether or not ou'll get a good signal or not depends on where you live but I just thought I'd let you know. Good luck! :)


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Just to confirm its dependent on where you live

I have a little 7 " LCD flip down in the kitchen hooked up to a cheap indooor aerial mounted out of site on top of the the kitchen units c/w a slx signal booster , and low an behold it receives all the channels perfectly

Some jiggling was required as to the position of and direction of aerial but it works beautifully



According to the BBC website I have excellent signal strength, however I have tried all available indoor arerials and get nothing at all.

Think I shall be stuck with 1-4 :thumbsdow


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You have to be lucky with indoor aerials. The best location is to position the aerial near a window which faces the transmitter. Too bad if you are on the transmitters blind side of the building.
The weak freeview signals work best on an outdoor chimney aerial, at least two storeys high and free of any local obstructions like tall buildings, hills, trees and such. Oh - and the weak signals are also affected by bad weather.

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