Freeview hits 10 million sales


John Archer

Digital terrestrial broadcaster Freeview has just announced that sales of Freeview-enabled set-top boxes and TVs have passed the 10 million mark. From this Freeview claims that it's now in 6.4 million homes, which makes it 'one of the fastest-growing consumer entertainment services ever to launch in the UK'. </p><P>Perhaps the Great British public is finally starting to take the fast-approaching analogue switch off seriously!


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Thats good news, or is it? With the ever nearing switch of of analogue, people have two choices. Sky or freeview. I think that of the two options freeview is the easy one to install and is cheaper and you are not tied into any length contract. I know it hasnt got the channel choice of sky but it provides enough for the avarage viewer. The problem with sky is that its basically charging for the sports channels via its subscriptions base. But each to its own, and sky provides a great service if you can afford it.

Nic Rhodes

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Just like to add that although I have a TV with freeview installed, and therefore count as one of the 10m, it would help it's use if they actually started broadcasting freeview in my area. Sky figures on the other hand do generally encompass people who can actually view the service they pay for.


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Call me suspicious,but how do they know they're in so many homes?
I've got 3 Freeview boxes,but only one family.So are they counting it right?
Anyway I wouldn't have sky in the house unless it was free,and apart from the appalling repeat schedule of UK TV History I'm happy as I don't intend to ever pay sky's ludicrous prices.


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Not to mention you are paying twice with sky. You are paying a subscription and then have to sit through ****ing adverts! :rolleyes: :mad: Imagine the uproar if the BBC started broadcasting adverts.


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You are paying a subscription and then have to sit through ****ing adverts!

I wonder if Sky would get more customers if they reduced the amount of adverts.... We stopped Sky when every 10 minutes there were 5 minutes of adverts - Its advertising overkill!

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