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Can you get any HD stuff on Freeview or is there nayhting happening in the future?


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on freesat yes on DTT freeview no unless you are involved in the london trial their is a campaign to force the governemnt tooffer the old analogue bandwidth for use for HDTV after digital switchover but nothing confirmed i know of


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Upscaling and actual HD are totally different, Colin, no comparison at all. The BBC freeview trial has no actual end date in mind, but we are told will end sometime. It's very good, I've seen it. Can't get it as far out as Cobham though. There have been some recent announcements abot old analogue channels, and the news is not good. They'll sell them off, not use them for public service, sadly. One day there may be freeview HD, but certainly not for 5 yrs plus.


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I have an upscaling Sony DVD to a 1080i 50" Sony RP.

Looks really good, in my opinon sort of a halfway house between SD and HD - only a lot cheaper.

Would be willing to pay for an upscaling Sony PVR Freeview box as i really don't want to wait till 2011-2012 when my area of the Uk goes HD Freeview.

Also tempted by NTL HD, although i havn't seen much officail from NTL yet and the BBC HD channel is, well sparse :( .

EDIT missed a "D" from my 1st post, implying a Sony Freeview HDD upscale box.


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