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Festive greetings everyone, I have been using my Panasonic CU-CTH100 for sometime now, and after a some what shakey start (crashing and locking up) it now works quite well. My only gripes are not being able to recieve the 5.1 (which is already discussed in another thread so I wont bang on about it here) but more so is not being able to record from say my SKY box. So when I go out I can only record stuff on freeview and not all the SKY films and Sports that I am paying through the nose to watch! I know I could go SKY + but this would make my Panasonic redundent, has anyone worked out a way of recording from SKY onto an external Hard Disk recorder (that is simple)?

Regards Gary:lease:


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Sorry at the moment none of the twin tuner Freeview Hard Drive off the shelf recorders (PVRs as some call them) will record from an external source.
A HDD/DVDR box* will or a second hand TIVO**.

*These however only have one Freview tuner.
**These only have one analogue tuner.


Thanks Richard, I must admit when I bought the PVR I didnt even think about recording from an external source, and if I had known I couldn't I probably wouldn't have bought it. But hey hoe the picture quality through the S Video is better than my scart connection from my Sony Sky Box, just begrudge giving Murdoch any more of my hard earned cash.

Regards Gary

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