Freeview HD or Foxsat?


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Hi all

I have a question to see what the best experiences have been. I have just cancelled Sky as I did not watch it enough to justify the price and do not want to carry on paying Sky. I want to record tv programmes tho so should I go freeview pvr or foxsat recorder? I am looking at Humax for both boxes. Reception wise I think the satellite marginally better but not alot in it.

Any suggestions?


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I'm sure others will be along shortly to add more info - but when you cancel your $ky subscription contract, can you not still use the PVR recording function (in the same way you can still watch the 'free' channels on digital satellite)? Or are $ky still trying to shaft £10 a month for the contract-free PVR useage?


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I am wondering whether to jump next to a Freeview HD or Freesat HD PVR. I like the fact that Freeview has CH4 HD and 5 HD I believe on the way, but after that it's likely that Freeview will be 'HD full' whereas Freesat has more scope for more HD channels in the future. So, do I go Freeview for the channels in HD now or Freesat and bank on them signing up even more in the future?


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Well I gave Sky 30 days notice yesterday and their attempts to keep me as a customer were pathetic. They said they could reduce my bill by £10 by removing the HD pack. That was it. Needless to say, we said no thanks.

I've just ordered the Humax FOXSAT-HDR Freesat+ 320GB and will hopefully have it in time for Christmas.

I can't offer any advice other than to say read reviews from this forum and others. I did, and there seem to be loads of happy owners of the foxsat humax and that's enough for me.
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