Freeview HD Channels lost when turning on PS3

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Now this isn't a major problem but a bit of a puzzle. My Sony TV has HD Freeview which works fine. My son connected his PS3 to it the other day via HDMI and turned it on to charge the controller and instantly the HD channels were lost (SD works fine). same thing happens if I turn on the BT Vision box (HDMI connected) whilst watching Freeview HD. Any idea why ? :confused:


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HDMI cables radiate at various frequencies and can block certain RF frequncies.
The HD MUX is at a lower power than the other MUXES so your signal could be a wee bit on the weak side.
Try different HDMI leads, no need to spend any more than a fiver on them so don't waste your money on expensive gold-plated or Monster-type leads.
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Colonel White

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Interesting JayCee thanks for responding. I am in a particularly good area for Freeview (line of sight to Crystal Palace) and use an amplified system serving multiple TV's & PCs. Would it be worth turning up a bit for HD or will the switch-over in 2012 improve matters anyway do you think?


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The switchover should improve things as the signal levels get considerably boosted after the analogue is switched off.


My freeview hd breaks up when I turn on electrical equipment on the same power strip, as said about its sensitive and the signal will get turned up to full power will help.


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And keep aerial leads away from mains leads and HDMI cables. It may be neat to cable-tie them all together, but...
Regards, Iain.

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