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Hi All.

I have just got rid of BT Vision and will be looking for a Freeview HD box for the switch over in June, I noticed that there are some new channels which say "Can be viewed via your HD box and Internet Connection", my question is which box/pvr would be best for this? if any?:lease:


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Do you really want those channels? Many, if not all, will be Pay Per View or subscription like ESPN and Sky Sports are with BT Vision.

As I understand it ANY Freeview HD box** - provided it is connected to a router with access to the internet - should be capable of accessing these iPTV services. Freeview HD will deliver new IPTV channels this month ? The Register is one news item I found with a quick search.. {As to whether your internet connection will be fast enough and how quickly any download limit will be gobbled up by it is another matter}.

** All Freeview HD boxes must have ethernet connectivity in order to meet the Freesat HD spec.


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Don't forget that, if you start streaming HD and you have a limited download per month, you could chew right through it in a few days.

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