Freeview front end and blu ray players


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My order is due to turn up today, on the van according to scans order tracking :thumbsup:

My primary use will be as freeview PVR and blu ray player initially. For freeview I'm currently leaning towards dvbviewer based on the great writeup in the sticky, any opinions from other dvbviewer users?

I'm also confused at to whether dvbviewer itself will play blu rays or do will need something like power dvd or TMT? If I need a player, any opinions on the best one to go for?



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I have used both DVB Viewer and MediaPortal extensively with my dual tuner (DVB-S HD and DVB-T setup) and overall I have to say that MP is the more capable of the two systems.

Neither of them are foolproof and they both take a lot of tweaking to set up just right, but the quality of the OSD, functionality of the menu system and general ease of use for my wife, means that MP wins hands down.

The best features in MP are:

- Easy of handling recordings in the TV guide / series record etc (which DVB Viewer is not good at to be honest since you can't even cancel a recording using the remote in the TV guide, you have to use the mouse and keyboard to go into the recording menu!)

- Moving Pictures - which is an amazing way to view your films, gathers film data and screeshots automatically and does a coverflow type thing.

- The ability to merge the same channel from differnt tuner sources and let MP decide which one to record from (with DVB Viewer you have to have 2 of each channel in your channel list if you have a dual tuner system which confuses the hell out of the wife!)

- Great EPG search functions - using the remote you can search on loads of different criteria including tying in key words etc.

- Music playlist handling - fantastic for creating playlists as you listen and importing wmp/itunes playlists etc.

- Radio - MP splits out the radio channel into a separate list rather than putting them at the end of the TV channels.


Not to say that MP is faultless, but it is definitely superior functionality in my view (although I would say that DVB Viewer is probably a little bit more stable at times - not that it is a major problem).

I am not sure that either support BlueRay natively (I standby to be corrected), but I think both have plugins which allow discs to be played through an external software player. I am soon to get a blueray player myself :rotfl: so have looked into the handling within MP and it looks like it can interface with Cyberlink and another program (Arcsoft? or something from memory) and allows you to use the remote with the external application.

I hope this all helps.


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