Freeview from the Belmont Transmitter

william lloyd

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My signal strength is between 60 and 95%. Quality good.When the weather is wet as it has been over the last few days I get break up and noise so bad it is not worth watching.
If this is digital the change over would be better left till the system is ready for it.
It has a long way to go?


This is the kind of thing that happens if:

Your aerial is in the loft
You are looking through trees or skimming a hill
Your aerial is old and lets water in.

Any possibility your system is suffering the above?


they have been working on belmont over the last few weeks
not sure if they have finished

william lloyd

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Thanks for the replies.
The aerial is n new system set up with freeview in mind.
The TV is a Pioneer 436 XDE build March 2006
However I have noticed with strong winds the aerial being on a mast on the side of a gable wall does move about quite a bit. Could it do with either more support or a stiffer mast.
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