Freeview EPG - Genre Tagging Errors?


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Hi Folks - I have been using a Pioneer DVR 545HXS HDD/DVD recorder with integrated freeview now with no problems until the last week or so, but-

Since about a week ago I'm finding that a lot of the programmes showing in the EPG listings, especially the BBC radio channels up in the 700s, are tagged as 'Movie'. (Note that this is the Freeview EPG, and not Guide+, that I'm talking about).

I've verified that this problem is present on three completely independent freeview receivers here so it's not an equipment issue, and a friend who lives about 4 miles away also sees this on his freeview receiver. Can I just ask for a show of hands from a few people around the UK - have a look at the EPG listings for BBC (radio) 7 and tell me if you can see any programmes which are tagged as 'movie' and if you can, let me know your approximate location (ie, town or county).

I've grumbled to the BBC's reception people about this as the vast majority of the channels showing this problem are BBC digital radio channels - however, their response was lukewarm, particularly as no-one else has yet reported this problem, and the problem is still there.

I would also be interested if anyone with DAB (which I do not have access to) could look through some BBC DAB radio channels and see if the programme types are being mis-tagged on that medium as well.

As to why this matters, well, its a relatively minor thing but I had just become used to using the Pioneer's 'Search EPG listing by genre' to list all the up-coming films on all channels in the coming week. At the moment, that facility is being rendered nearly useless because the results buffer is being filled up with countless BBC radio programmes tagged as 'Movies'.



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I can verify that the BBC radio channels have taggings for Films but these taggings only appear if Radio is selected.

I recieve Freeview from the Sudbury transmitter (Essex).

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