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Hi, i would appreciate some help, my parents have a freeview digi box in their living room, is it possible to run another freeview box to their bedroom off the same arial and watch different channels at the same time, or will they have to purchase another arial for the roof, some advice would be greatly appreciated



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Hi, I've got a roof ariel running one PVR and have daisy chained a second freeview box off that with no problems. Also I have a loft ariel with a 4 way amplifier which runs to 4 TV's, 3 of which have freeview. So providing the signal strength is pretty good you shouldn't have a problem.

BTW we bought on of those small Bush freeview adaptors thast plug straight into the scart socket for one of the second TV's and its really good and not obtrusive.


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The answer is - theoretically yes, but wholly dependent on how good your signal/reception/aerial is. Freeview needs a good, clean signal for glitch-free reception, and sharing an aerial does reduce signal quality indirectly. So if it starts out well above the threshold needed for good reception all well and good; if it's borderline, then sharing may take it below the threashold and mess things up. You can always try it, and then if necessary improve your aerial setup later.

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