Freeview COM5/ARQ A Channels Missing Since Hard Reset?


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Am hoping someone out there can help me...

My Sony TV was playing up last week (KD-49X8305C - have owned since 2016 with no issues) - it was completely unresponsive and laggy so did a hard reset. Since then am unable to receive any of the channels on Freeview via COM5/ARQ A MUX (Dave, Sky Arts, Sky News, Food Network etc).

I've followed all of the std guidance and protocols, such as digital auto tuning withot coaxial cable attached, followed by full digitial tunining with coaxial cable attached, manual tuning, making sure firmware was updated, another hard reset etc. I've been doing this for several days and no luck so far.

It can't be the aerial/cable because everything was fine until the hard reset. I can get 100% of channels on every other MUX and am in a good signal transmitter area (SE9 - which picks ups from Crystal Palace). It appears frequency channel 22 is the one I need to pull in for the specifc MUX I'm missing, but if I try to pull this through via manual tuning it just skips past it up or down.

Any ideas would be most welcome as this is driving me crazy!

Thanks in advance



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It can't be the aerial/cable because everything was fine until the hard reset.
Not necessarily. The signal may have been strong enough before (some time in the past when it was last tuned in) but may now be at a level the TV ignores when tuning in.

This is particularly so following the last round of major changes to Freeview which saw some regions and transmitters change 'Channel Group'. In simple terms that means areas historically using one group and with aerials installed to match may now have very marginal signal levels if the signals are now of the wrong grouping for the old aerials.

So never discount the aerial on the grounds it was OK before.


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After a bit more digging and conversations with my new neighbours, they appear to be having the same issue via the communal roof aerial. I may have simply been lucky the day I moved in when I did the initial digital auto tune, which managed to scan and receive all available channels.

My neighbour has a separate cheap indoor aerial from Amazon and manages to access all channels when using this, so am hoping this can be my solution. In order to future proof myself I was looking at some of the amplified indoor aerials from One For All (via Argos, Amazon etc) but reviews tend to be mixed (the SV9436). Aesthetically they look good but wondered if anyone has any experience using this model and/or brand? Am reluctant to try these flimsy cheap things from Amazon etc which you stick on the window and look a bit ghastly!


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It is impossible to second guess whether any indoor aerial will work or not in any given location. Ideally you need a clear line of site to the transmitter and with minimal obstructions in the way such as wall as windows.

If it is a communal aerial then what I said earlier still applies... it is possible the actual single aerial on the roof is now of the wrong channel group following the final Freeview changes... or it could be a genuine fault either with the installation or the distribution system.

This is one of the most informative resources around on anything 'aerial':

Indoor / Set top aerials - A.T.V. Poles, Brackets, Clamps & Aerials

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