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Has anybody managed to upgrade a freeview box to receive BBC4 and the new radio channels.

I've just got a new thompson dti 1000 and after installation it gets 22 channels.

Channel 14 and 15 are blank and whenever you are watching a bbc channel it tells you that new upgrades are available but I can't get them at all.

The only option in the normal menu is a auto/manual tune but these get the same results everytime. If anyone knows how to get into a service menu or a better way to upgrade that would be cool or if not have to get the mesages to clear off.

Thanks for any and the help that I am sure will flood in.


Dave P.


There's something wrong should be getting around 50 channels including the radio ones.

You need to check your aerial feed to see if it is OK and you are receiving all the MUXs.

Have you checked the signal strength reading in the service menu?

Channels 14 and 15 are currently blank across the UK...

Definitely a reception problem somewhere...


Some of the new Freeview boxes require a software upgrade once installed to get all the channels. These updates are received over the air, but because of the number of different boxes and limited bandwidth can only be transmitted one at a time. To receive the update you need to leave the box tuned to a BBC channel overnight.

Try this for a week or so to see if your box gets upgraded or call the helpline for your box to see if an update is required, and if so when it is being transmitted.



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I have just bought a Thomson dti 1000 and set up no probs with 49 channels found. I have good signal strength so agree you may have a reception problem


Thanks for the info

I think the reception is ok because it was just fitted and got a strong signal upon installation.

i will try the bbc update through the night a few times this week and see if that does the job.




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Sony box is one they made for Ondigital - no teletext

If you want a Sony tuner get one inside a TV

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