Freeview Breaking Up, Cutting Out on BT TV - Some Guidance


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Hi All, I posted a few months ago about this issue, i am in Haddington, 2nd Floor Flat with a communal aerial( I assume its damage, out of alignment) TV reception for the Freeview channels is awful, I believe i should get a lot more channels than I have and the ones I do have break up, stutter, go off temporarily pretty much every few minutes.

I purchased and it after a few different placements the signal looked great, loads of extra channels. But i had to move it about to route the its even worse. After a few hours of fiddling around, I ended up giving up and put the aerial back in it's box. It looks like most of the neighbours do use the aerial, i assume they have sky. I was going to contact the landlord and ask them to get someone to look at it, then COVID-19 struck, so getting someone to look at it could be weeks/months away.

I was wondering is there such as thing as an internet device that i can plug into my broadband router and then connect to the BT box that would provide freeview channels, or straight into the TV even and ignore the BT Box all together.

Any guidance would be appreciated.




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Covid should not stop a communal aerial system maintenance person from accessing parts to check things out and fix faults.
They can possibly even enter your dwelling provided suitable distancing, personal protection and subsequent cleaning takes place. (Assuming you aren't self isolating, unwell or extremely vulnerable - check the Govt. guidelines.)

Do ask your neighbours to report the fault and do so yourself, too. It seems you still have not? another six weeks on :facepalm:

NB Haddigton has its own 3 multiplex relay transmitter (Freeview says 43 channels which includes the radio as well as TV ones, some in HD which the BT box can receive.)
It's possible if the flats are tall enough that Black Hill or Craigkelly might be used to get more channels. But probably unlikely. Precise postcode/location within Haddington would affect that statement, of course. The one I used was EH41 3UU - post office in Court Street.

An ethernet cable will connect the box to the router and allow catchup TV from some broadcasters and some BT pay stuff, too. (BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, etc.,.) One may have been supplied with the box, albeit quite short? Longer ones can be bought from many online sellers and some diy type shops. Powerline adapters can be used if the router is a long way from the TV/box; but a proper long ethernet cable is cheaper and will be better.

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