freeview boxes and the pioneer 420h

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    I have a pioneer 420H and am about to repleace my old pace Sky box with a freeview box. I notice that the recorder can be set up to record automatically when it recives a signal from an external device, My sky box never had this option.

    can anyone recommend a freeview box that will help me get the most out of this feature.

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    As 420 reacts to any signal supplied to AV2, the set top box (STB) has to be in standby and then turn on under timer control.
    Most STBs with a timer will do this, but invariably they do not turn on the TV-out scart, only the VCR-out.
    Unfortunately most STBs only produce a composite signal from the VCR-out, so you need an STB that gives s-video from its VCR-out, as none of the STBs produces RGB from the VCR-out.
    As far as I know these are the Pioneer (discontinued but available in some places if you want to chance continued download support), the Sony- but that will only give s-video if connected to a compatible Smartlink recorder (i.e. a Sony).
    This leaves the Philips DTR500 available from Amazon for around £65 - so that is the option for decent picture quality. There could be others but I haven't found any.

    I have a 420 and a Grundig STB, but regardless of the composite limitation I gave up on AutoStart because if the 420 is in Autostart mode then any activity on the STB turns it on. So you have to wait until you are not using the STB at all, put it in Standby and then set the 420 to AutoStart.
    I gave up and now set both timers and use the pass-through facility to record and watch RGB from the STB TV-out.

    All the above applies as far as I know to Panasonic DVD/HDD machines with External Link.

    Quick note on pass-through connections:
    Connect the STB TV-out to 420 AV2,
    420 AV1 to TV RGB-capable scart,
    Set the STB TV-out to RGB
    Set the 420 Video in and out to RGB

    When using the timer controlled recording, set the timers on the STB and the 420 and leave the STB turned on.
    You can use VideoPlus to set the 420 and the EPG on the STB, but adjust the times on both boxes to start a couple of minutes early and end late because of bad programme timekeeping.

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