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I am looking to buy a new Freeview Box to replace my Pace ITV Digital Box. Can anyone please tell me if there are any boxes that show the program number in the front view like the old DigiBox used to?

If not, please can someone tell me how you know if a box is in standby mode, timer mode or off? This might seem like a strange question but I want to be sure that my box is on if I have set my recorder to record, unless I have set the timer, and then presumably it would appear off until the dedicated time.

Fred Smith

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The SetPals (Labgear DTT100, Dawoo DS608P, Triax DVB200T, BT / Dijam 32VU DVB-T) show red or green LED's for Off / On.

The box does not need to be switched off to be in timer mode (latest firmware 0126). Can be left on and will automatically switch at required time, a message is displayed if viewing to inform of pending channel change. The green LED will then flash while the timer programme is on.

No front LED channel display though.


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Pace Twin has a display


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SonyVTX-D800 red/green for on or standby no display .However should your vcr suport Smartlink or Q-link you just have to set the timer on the 800 this will turn itself on and off and also the vcr. You just leave the vcr off the 800 will switch it on and select the appropriate av channel .


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The MATSUI DTR 1000 from Dixons has an LED channel number display like you want.

It is £47.95, based on the Goodmans GB3 (but with the extra LED display) & seems to be quite highly recommended by some of the guys on Digital Spy forums.


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The humax f2-fox t has a led channel display on it dont now about the timer though never used it.


As posted above there is a Matsui DTR 1000 which is the same as a Goodmans GDB series.

Most DVD and video players have a clock so is there really any need?


I've a Daewoo SV900 SetPal VCR & a Humax PVR8000T & they both show the channel number on the front.

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