Freeview Box with VGA Out


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very unlikely to work with a PC monitor many cant cope with 15khz horizontal sync..........whcih you get from scart in short if its aPC monitor better off with a DVB-T card in PC if its a TV with no spare inputs then there are better ways

hi hornydragon it does say in the description of that cable:

"DVD, Freeview or other digital set top box with RGB output into a compatible computer monitor or plasma or LCD screen"

would his monitor manual tell him if his montior was suitable?


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hopefully it woudl the signal he will get from freeview is 720x576 interlaced at 50Hz vertical refresh (not by any means a standard PC signal) if it supports that then it may be worth a try you can get cheap VGA boxes for consoles that use composite video inputs (S-video would be better) but very few for scart and they dont look great either

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